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General information
The online store at is run by the following company:
Marios Papaziakas
Tax ID (EL):  


-All prices of displayed products include tax and are given in EUR.
-Prices do not include shipping and payment processing fees, which may increase the order value.
-Orders are received by the store's staff via the online store or email.
- Orders via the online store can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the whole year.
- After placing an order, the customer will receive an e-mail notification about their order.
- Order processing begins once a store employee receives a confirmation of payment.
- The customer can cancel an order via email using the store's contact information. An order already sent by mail cannot be canceled.
- The customer will receive an email notification as soon as an order is send.

Shipping Methods and Costs

- The ordered goods are shipped to the address indicated on the order form. The store will inform the customer of an incorrectly filled out order form that can make order processing and shipping impossible, difficult, or delayed.
- The package is shipped to the Customer in accordance with the delivery time estimation. Hammerin Miniatures is the manufacturer of most of the products. Each order is prepared starting from  when it is received. Therefore, the times of delivery might vary. In case of any delays, the Customer will be informed on time by email.
- The shipping costs are fixed, depending of the customer location. You can view more details here.
-Every transaction is confirmed with a VAT invoice.
- Payment for the ordered goods can be made via Pay Pal.

Due to the handmade nature of our product, it’s possible to find slight imperfections in the copies of our products, like mold lines or small bubbles. There may be even slight differences between two units of the same product.
Our production passes through a quality control to be able to retire any piece with insufficient quality, but a mistake is always possible and a faulty piece may end up in the hands of the final customer.
In case of a faulty or broken piece, we compromise to replace it with no additional cost. To do that, please send us a picture of the faulty piece, indicating the problem observed and we will send again a new piece as soon as possible. We demand a picture in case of replacement of a piece because the data about the problem is very useful to our production team so they may avoid future issues.
To make a return, the Customer must contact the store staff via email and send the products to the company's address.
The refund is processed within 5 working days from the returned goods' arrival.

The store owner reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions provided that the changes applicable to the consumer shall not apply to services being performed, and will be effective 30 days after the customer is informed electronically.