First blood in the north

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Promotional set for December only.
How it all started, the first blood in a war that will last for hundreds of years.
"Reports of orc activity coming from the mountains set a High kingdom's patrol to march and investigate. What they did not expect however, they were not just some stray orcs, but an army in the forming."
This set contains 34 models from both High Kingdom and Fel Kingdom.

High Kingdom contains 14 models and parts for:
-up to 2 commanders (captain and banner bearer)
-up to 6 swordsmen
-up to 6 spearmen
-6 High Kingdom heads

Fel Kingdom contains 20 models and parts for:
-up to 2 Mountain orc captains
-up to 6 Mountain orc swordsmen
-up to 6 Mountain orc spearmen
-up to 4 Mountain orc 2 handed bearers
-up to 4 Mountain orc bowmen

-Casted in lightweight metal.
-All models of the High/Fel Kingdom line are modular with all parts fitting to all sets of the High/Fel Kingdom army.
-All models are supplied unpainted and require assembling.
-Bases are not supplied with the models and are only included in the photos for display purposes.

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